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Ellana Bobenko is a Melbourne based artist who from an early age was surrounded by folkloric character dance, colour and music. Working as a professional dancer has influenced her as an artist. Movement, gesture and the physicality in the application being catalysts for her large scale works.

Ellana is an abstract painter; her work explores the immediate and responsive methods to painting and drawing. Ellana finds inspiration in the toil and frustration of the process, embracing chance and spontaneity.

The process begins with the physicality of moving paint, the urge to make bold marks and gestures, building layer after layer until the idea arrives.

Her movements in space have translated to the marks, line and colour on canvas and continues to be inspired by the echoes of music and her fervour for movement.

Video Credit

Directed by Rowena Vilar
Filmed & Edited by Joel Rasmussen


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